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You're here so I know you want to be a part of something awesome and we welcome you with open arms. You are special and have something to offer us as well. Take a look to see what works best for you, either jumping into our membership community or joining us once in a while when the timing is right. See you soon!  xo, Lisa


THE GOLD STANDARD mentoring and support coaching program is the opportunity to work directly with me, Lisa Gold. Get the Straight Scoop from a Straight Shooter. You’ll gain access to my 10,000 Personal Hours of Education and Experience as an Actor, Coach, Speaker, Marketing Maven, and Industry Connector.  My life is about service and it’s always handy to have access to an expert you can trust, right? So are you curious about what kind of things you could ask?

The answer is simply anything you can imagine. Here are some sample questions...


            1) How can I get an agent interested in me?

            2) How do I get attention from casting directors if I don’t have an agent?

            3) How do I know if my headshots/casting profiles/cover notes really work for me?

            4) What should really be on my resume and what do I leave off?

            5) My demo reel/clips need something…how long, what to include? Actor slates?

            6) I’m new and starting out, have the talent and drive.  Where to start?

    7) What’s the current climate/trends with regard to Covid concerns, diversity, technology?
    8)  How do I juggle my day job, auditioning, and marketing myself all at once?

    9)  What do I focus on first?  How do I keep track of everything?  How do I stay positive?

   10) Which one of my creative endeavors will make me money the fastest?               


The answer to these and a thousand more questions are
​all available to you in
The Gold Standard!


And NOW, you can have direct access to me personally for specific needs 2 times a month, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11:00am Pacific/2:00pm Eastern. 90 minutes. 

  • Maira Kraljevic says...

    “I have been looking for the right advice regarding the entertainment industry and I finally found the gal. Lisa Gold is the perfect person to learn about the business and how to create connections."

  • Marcin Paluch says...

    “Being a newer actor, its very confusing and frustrating to figure out the right steps to start off a successful career. Lisa Gold solved that problem for me and put me ahead of the curve over other actors. I'm no longer confused, because I have a real plan.”

  • Jacqueline Jeffries says...

    “Thank you for helping me implement some concrete ways to develop myself and the business I’m creating. At 51 years of age I finally feel like I am taking the right steps! Your sincerity and genuine affection for people is astounding. You helped me to address some of my fears as well as my ignorance. Thank you, thank you. Transforming!!!”

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The Gold Standard 

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Includes free monthly admission to Brunch Club and Showbiz Thursdays - see descriptions below ($25 value) Total 4 meetings monthly - 90 minutes each, Recorded replay library - access to ALL previous info/guests/trainings no matter when you join!

No monthly commitment, cancel at any time. 


THE BRUNCH CLUB is lunch with the right bunch! It’s an extraordinary opportunity to come together with a group of people just like you, wanting more for their career and lives on the whole. We share our dreams and learn how to speak about those things in a way that translates to the "powers that be". Participants have the chance to describe to all who attend, what they offer and what they may need/want. Its a great way to get clients/customers, an audience for your next show, and Get Laser Coached in the Art of the "Elevator Pitch" so that your listeners succinctly understand exactly what is offered. Our next meeting is Tuesday, December 22nd at 10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern. 90 minutes.  All sessions recorded.


Brunch Club


Admission per session

Tuesday, 12/22- 10am PDT
90 minutes, Recorded

Elevator Speech Workouts

Network & Gain Resources

SHOWBUSINESS THURSDAYS is a monthly gathering of creatives coming together to share resources, engage in conversations that lead to collaboration and has created a community of networkers that know building relationships is KEY to show business success.  We will have an Invited Industry Guest at every meeting! You'll have the opportunity to engage with them, get questions answered and make a connection. Our next meeting is Thursday, January 28th at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern.  90 minutes. All sessions recorded.

Showbiz Thursdays


Admission per session

Thursday, 1/28- 5pm PDT
90 minutes, Recorded

January's GUEST - Judith Lesley of Sinclair Management

Quality Networking and Speak directly with Guest

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